Adoption Fees  



Why do I Have to Pay for a Rescue Dog?

People often ask us why we do not just give the animals away if we want to save them. The reason is that we cannot continue to save animals unless we have the money needed to properly care for them.

Our adoption fee is NOT a price for the pet, it is needed to help recover some ofthe costs that TW 911 incurs while rescuing the animals from the shelter, fostering them in our homes, and providing them with routine and emergency medical care as well as allowing us to continue to rescue other animals.

Even with charging adoption fees, we have to heavily rely on donations to cover our vet, travel, equipment, food, and administrative expenses. Shelters, which are usually subsidized by the government and/or large grants, often charge a smaller adoption fee. We urge those who have limited resources to adopt from shelters and utilize the sponsored spay/neuter and vaccination clinics they provide. After all, every animal who gets adopted from a shelter is one less animal that needs rescue which is one philosophy every dog lover can agree with.

So, how does a rescue compare to other shelters? In a shelter environment, the animals are stressed, so you may not be able to tell how they will behave in your home and the staff may not be able to tell you much about the animals. TW 911 dogs are fostered in private homes by approved volunteers. This allows our rescue to give you a more accurate description of each dog's personality, needs, and overall health. We may be able to tell you whether a dog is active or low-key, likes other dogs and/or cats, if they are afraid or anxious in certain situations.  Thus, you know much more about the dog that you are getting as compared to the dog from at a shelter. The following provides a list of what each TW 911 dog comes to you with:

Fully vetted dog including age-appropriate vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP & Bordetella), health  examinations, testing and treatment with applicable preventatives for fleas and ticks, intestinal worms, and heartworm

Temperament tested

Spayed/Neutered (for pups, spay/neuter is scheduled around 4-6 months and paid for by TW 911)


All dogs are bathed & groomed as needed

Fed a well-balanced diet to improve their health and appearance

Work on basic training and behavioral needs

TW 911 fosters work towards behavioral and training goals (i.e. crate, basic commands, leash, housetraining, and socialization) however, we cannot guarantee that every animal will have accomplished them within the limited time the dog spends in foster care. Each foster dog comes into our rescue with different backgrounds and needs. Much like you, our foster families have jobs and families of their own, but they are not professional trainers. They are volunteers gracious enough to open their homes to our dogs.

TW 911ís adoption process is intended to make sure that the adoption is the best match between prospective applicants and the rescue dog. In order to continue to provide highquality adoptions, we are dependent on the funding from our adoption fees and donations in order to be successful in this endeavor.





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