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TW911 knows that volunteers are the lifeblood of our rescue and we simply could NOT do it without them!  We would like to take a minute to highlight some of our star volunteers--the Vicker family!

Mom Tiffany explains that they started fostering dogs with TW911 about seven years ago and have fostered more than 250 dogs in that time!  Usually fostering litters of puppies, as dog lovers, the entire family helps out, from caring for and training the dogs, to socializing the puppies, and of course, helping clean up!

Tiffany appreciates all of the support that TW911 provides to their fosters such as food, medical care, and other supplies, all covered by TW911.  Tiffany feels that her family has greatly benefited from volunteering with TW911 as it has reinforced a dedication to caring for animals in need.

Tiffany and her family eagerly anticipate each new transport of dogs as they can't wait to meet their next foster dog(s). Tiffany assures those that feel that they could never foster due to the sadness associated with saying good bye to a foster dog that the happiness that comes from helping a homeless dog find his or her forever family is far greater! 


Volunteers are the people that make our rescue run.  And, we'd like to recognize one of our most dedicated: Rick!

Rick learned about TW911 from a co-worker and started volunteering with TW911 as a way to spend some quality time with his niece and to get his doggie fix!  What started back in 2014 as a family activity has blossomed into so much more!  You'll find Rick tackling just about any job: setting up and handling dogs at events, conducting home visits to conclude adoptions, driving transports, and the most glamorous duty of all: cleaning crates AFTER transport!  Rick does it all with dedication and love for the dogs!  Rick loves giving back to our community in such a special, life-saving way.  He loves the dogs and enjoys the friendships he has made with other volunteers. He encourages anyone interested in volunteering to do so!  The payback cannot be measured! 



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