Foster Note  



Welcome to the Foster Coordinator’s Corner!

 This is an area to help answer your questions and provide go-to resources to ensure a successful fostering period. As we develop this page, please let us know if there are resources you would like to see added.

 Thank you for opening your heart and home to a rescue dog in need! Tailwaggers 911 operates out of private foster homes to ensure the best environments for our dogs. Thus, we are not able to be successful in our mission without YOU!

New Foster FAQs

 What does fostering a Tailwaggers 911 dog mean? How is it different than the Foster-to-Adopt program?

Fostering a dog with our rescue means providing a *temporary* home for the dog while we work together to find the dog's forever home. This is different from our five-day Foster-to-Adopt program which is intended to provide potential families with a five-day trial of a dog they would like to adopt. Families that foster cannot be guaranteed a specific foster dog in advance.  Our foster team will work with the individual or family to identify potential dog(s) that best fit their home and lifestyle.

How long can I expect to have a foster dog?

There is no set timeframe for fostering a dog. Our foster families are an integral part of finding a home for their foster dog! Great pictures, detailed profiles, fun Facebook videos - all of these things help find the perfect furever family.

If I foster, can I go on vacation?

Yes! With enough advance notice, we will arrange a temporary foster for your foster dog while you enjoy some well-deserved time off.

I do not have a fenced-in yard, can I still foster?

      Yes! Although specific dogs may require a fenced-in yard, it is not a requirement for most of our dogs.

Current Foster FAQs

I'm going out of town or on vacation - what about my foster dog?

Please contact the foster team two weeks in advance of your trip. It is helpful to have open communication regarding your needs and time frame in which you will be away.

I'm almost out of food! What do I do?

If an event is coming up, let the event coordinator know that you are in need of dog food so that sufficient food can be brought to the event. Otherwise, send an email to the address listed in the Contact Us section of our website and let them know when you can pick it up.

I have a medical concern about my foster dog - now what?

Your Foster Handbook has the information on dealing with medical issues.

How do I update my dog on the website?

        Check your Foster Handbook for the email address to send in new pictures and profile updates.
        Keeping your dog updated helps him/her find a new furever home!


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