Surrender Your Non-Tailwaggers 911 Dog  




Surrendering a Non-Tailwaggers 911 Dog

Tailwaggers 911 Dog Rescue is committed to the dogs we rescue and to those dogs who are not a part of our program. We realize that sometimes issues or circumstances may arise when individuals and/or families are no longer able to keep their dog. 

If you are unable to rehome your dog, Tailwaggers 911 will assist you in finding a new home for your dog by placing a courtesy post on our website. Tailwaggers 911 website is a great way to advertise your dog to potential adopters. At this time, we are only able to place previous Tailwaggers 911 dogs into our foster homes. Please note that we will only provide a place to post a profile of your dog. You will be responsible for responding to inquiries regarding your dog and the actual rehoming. Tailwaggers 911 is not responsible for your dog during this time.

In order to assist you, please send in a detailed profile (description) about your dog along with some pictures to accompany his/her profile. Also, include your contact information that will be posted for potential adopters to contact you along with any questions they would like answered. We will only keep your profile posting on the website for 14 days after which it will be removed.

Tailwaggers 911 claims no responsibility for the individuals who contact you regarding your posting. These individuals are not required to go through the screening process that is usually conducted by Tailwaggers 911.

Please email your courtesy posting request with detailed profile and pictures of your
dog to

Tips for Making Your Dog as Adoptable as Possible:


Current on vaccinations

Current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention

Proper Dental Care

Groom or Bathe your pet

Note any training (if applicable)

Take photos in good lighting, outside provides great lighting along with a nice environment for photos.



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