Adoption Requirements  



You must meet the following approval criteria, there are no exceptions:

21 years of age or older with a valid driverís license

Reside within our adoption area

All members of the household must agree with decision to adopt

Have a clear background check (i.e. no felonies, restraining orders, abuse charges, recent history of financial issues, or other charges that demonstrate questionable responsible behavior)

Complete best-practice vetting and heart worm care practices for all current and/or previous pets

Have written approval from your landlord before submitting an application to adopt in order to be considered for approval.  Approval should list any breed, weight, height, or pet-limit restrictions

Adhere to local zoning ordinances regarding pet limits. Proof of permit is required for any applicant housing pets in excess of these limits.


You must agree to the following adoption considerations:

You are aware that dogs can live up to 15-20 years and require a long-term commitment.

You are aware that we require a co-applicant for individuals aged 70 years old (within 12 months of application) and older who wish to adopt a dog three years of age or less.

You are aware that we conduct background checks on all adults (18 years and older) in the home.

You agree to complete the adoption application as thoroughly and truthfully as possible.

You agree to release consent for your current and previous vet clinics to release information to TW 911.

You are aware and understand that TW 911 must approve your application prior to being allowed to meet our dogs.

You are aware that TW 911 conducts a home visit which is a required part of the adoption process and occurs after your trial period.

You are aware and understand that TW 911 is committed to finding forever homes for our dogs. We do not place dogs on a first-come-first-serve basis, rather we carefully evaluate each applicant's and the home environment to ensure the best match possible. Although you are interested in a certain dog, he/she may not be the dog for you.

You are aware and understand that processing of an application can take 3-7 days and additional review of your application can take up to 10-15 business days.



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